Facility Engineer

Job Description

  • Facilitate student learning, provide effective instruction, and perform evaluations of student learning for all assigned classes, using each course’s standard course outline as a guide.
  • Develop course curriculum, course handouts, lectures, labs, and presentations.
  • Participate in program level learning assessment. Participation includes helping articulate learning outcomes, choosing and administering measures, evaluating student performance, and suggesting changes to improve student learning.
  • Propose and implement policies within the College to enhance academic development and research portfolio of the College and the University.
  • Work with other faculty and administrators in developing program curriculum, standards, and policies, including reviewing and participating in textbook selection process where appropriate.
  • Schedule, supervise, examine, and evaluate students in internship, observation, field experience, and similar settings as appropriate for the course or program.
  • Work with the Dean to create or enhance CLOs mapped with QFE, PLOs and be a part of Program Assessment committee pertaining to the College.
  • Assign grades and maintain course/ student records in accordance with CAA and College standards and submit grades and records by established deadlines.
  • Comply with audit, quality assurance, and risk management procedures, both internal and external, in safeguarding eminent service to staff and students.
  • Ensure all activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and that the required evaluation and monitoring procedures are properly documented to ensure both compliance and improvement; such procedures will include teaching, research, and management of all resources
  • Prepare correct and accurate e-Course files for all courses assigned as described in the Grades and e-Course Files sections.
  • Meet all classes and other scheduled responsibilities such as office hours and meetings at the designated times. A faculty member should inform the Line Manager if he or she is unable to meet a class on time.
  • Be available to students in person at the College or via email or phone. The method of contact and hours of availability should be clearly communicated to students and faculty and staff through the schedule each semester.
  • Keep a flexible weekly schedule that best facilitates student learning and access. Any changes in the scheduled class timings or locations should have prior approval by the faculty’s Supervisor.
  • Coordinate with Dean and other members of the College to enhance University’s research projects
  • Participate in faculty evaluation process.
  • Participate in various projects that serve the community
  • Ensure a safe, healthy, hazard-free environment for both staff and students, adhering full compliance to health and safety requirements
  • Ensure that the college equipment under the College’s control are properly maintained and serviced as required
  • Manage and preserve students’ records of achievements
  • Coordinate with Dean and other members of the College to enhance University’s research projects
  • Assist students with research and internships
  • Ensure the highest level of quality, integrity, and ethics in all research undertaken
  • Create a dynamic and forward-looking learning or research environment for both staff and students
  • Supervise academic advising of students in College programs
  • Remain current in academic or program discipline, including attending professional conferences, and maintaining licensure, certification, or continuing education requirements where appropriate.
  • Receive training or stay current in technological or pedagogical advances that promote student learning.
  • Follow the Professional development plan proposed by the Dean and Management.
  • Perform other academically related duties as assigned by the Faculty’s Dean or Senior Management.
  • Participate in academic and business meetings and in college professional development activities

Job Details

Job Location Ajman, United Arab Emirates Company Industry Other Business Support Services Company Type Unspecified Employment Type Unspecified Monthly Salary Range Unspecified Number of Vacancies Unspecified






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